Why We Buy Houses

Why We Buy Houses


Have you ever wondered why people are interested in and willing to buy distressed homes or from people in urgent situations for cash? What type of people and companies do that? Why would I want to sell my home to someone like this?


Great questions!


Who We Are


There are probably a lot of different companies and individuals out there interested in purchasing homes like this from property owners. We can’t really speak for them, or what their reasons or intentions are. We can only fill you in on what we do, why we buy homes, and how we can help.


ReStart Homes is a local family owned small business. We’ve been living in Lehigh Valley and raising our kids here for 15 years. We love it here.


You can learn more about our story here https://www.restarthomes.com/our-story/



What We Do


We’re not just out there trying to buy homes for cheap.


We actually do a lot!


We help homeowners throughout Lehigh Valley, PA who need to sell their homes for a variety of reasons. Some might be in financial trouble. They’ve fallen into foreclosure, got hit with past due tax bills, lost a job, have big healthcare needs, need to move out of town to be closer to a family member, lost a partner and just can’t keep up with home maintenance or don’t have the money to make needed repairs. Others inherited property or got a bad deal on an investment property. They may even have have tenants who are not cooperating. Others have just grown in their homes and are ready to downsize, change neighborhoods to be nearer to healthcare facilities, or head down to Florida with their lifelong friends.


We buy these homes. Offering fair prices and fast help. Then we remodel, fix and update them.


If our cash offer doesn’t work, we provide other offers and options to fit the seller’s unique situation. Whatever offer or option they choose we help them get on with their life and they can consider their house sold, Guaranteed!


ReStart Homes even builds new construction properties in some parts of Lehigh Valley.


Yet, out of all these, helping owners out of distressed situations gives us the opportunity to make the biggest impact for good. It’s the best way we can help people in real estate. Plus, it helps the local communities we work in, and makes this a great place to live for our kids and their grandkids.


Why We Do It


There are lots of options for work out there. Few compare to this. We are able to help others, make an honest living, flex our natural design skills and be challenged with interesting problem solving work each day. All while being able to teach our kids valuable lessons and skills and how to help others.


We get to help you when you sell. We get to help the neighborhood with good craftsmanship and quality remodels. We get to help those who move into these properties next. It’s such a blessing to be able to being involved in helping sellers with a brighter restart on their way to a new home, to give these homes a fresh restart and those who need somewhere new to live.


Why Sell To Us?


Getting a fair price for your home is a big one for most people.


We’ll make you a fair cash offer, based on the facts.


We make it crazy easy for you to sell your home. We’ve really simplified everything about the home selling process. With us there are no Realtor commissions, closing costs, repair demands, or hassle. You can have your home sold in days, or pick your closing date. We can even help if you are out of state or out of the country.


Since we take on all these costs you’d usually pay when you sell your home in Lehigh Valley, and you can close far faster with us, many sellers actually get the same amount money than if they tried to list with a Realtor.


Though if it isn’t the right fit, and you want to try to list it, we can still help you sell as fast as possible with our Seller Marketing Services. Find out more at: https://www.restarthomes.com/home-selling-services/

We get that the money and a simple process is important. Your home may be one of your biggest assets. Though, there are some other things we think are really important when doing business with anyone. Maybe they matter to you too.


One of the big ones is being treated well. You can always expect to be treated well and with respect at ReStart Homes. No matter who you are and what your situation is.


Know you are selling to the right people can be very important too. People who truly care, are going to offer you the best offers and options for your situation and do what they say they will do. You can take satisfaction in knowing we will give the home a restart with a couple or family who really needs it, will appreciate it and who it will help.


We focus on not just great looking, but safe and healthy remodels for young couples getting married and moving out on their own, professionals who are moving in for work, those needing room for a growing family, or a place to call home in between heading off on missions trips or doing nonprofit work.


Do you know someone who could use our help?


Get in touch today and share this with your friends, family and neighbors…

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